Kogan's $149 Dual-SIM Android Agora Phone

Online retailer Kogan has been trying to launch an Android phone since 2008. It has finally happened, and the specifications for the new Agora Android phone look quite impressive: a 5-inch screen, a dual-core Cortex A9 processor and a dual-SIM slot (handy for travellers). At $149 (plus shipping), it’s also one of the cheaper Android 4.0.4 devices on the market.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that there’s no support for 4G networks. That’s not totally surprising given that Kogan’s recently launched MVNO doesn’t use 4G itself, instead residing on Telstra’s older 3G spectrum. The second slot is 2G only. Customers who order the phone can have a free trial SIM for Kogan Mobile thrown in.

You can order the phone now from the Kogan site, but it isn’t scheduled to ship until February 26 (and a further delay would not be totally surprising).


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