Beware Of Scams As Tax Time Looms

Dodgy phishing emails and dubious phone calls telling you that you have just scored a tax refund are, sadly, a fact of life. But they are particularly prevalent in the run-up to the end of the financial year, so don’t get tricked into responding to one.

In a recent media reminder, tax commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo noted that email and phone scams are on the rise and are likely to become even more prevalent come July:

During the busy tax season, scammers will try to catch you off guard using phone calls, letters, text messages, emails, bogus websites and even false job advertisements to trick you into providing your personal details and pay money.

As well as dodgy emails asking for personal details to “confirm” a refund, beware of phone scammers seeking payment in order to send refund money. That’s as fake (and as annoying) as the similar Microsoft call scam. Many will be self-evidently fake (like the pictured example aimed at UK taxpayers), but it’s worth reminding friends and relatives not to be fooled.


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