Wednesday, July 15, 2009
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Goofram Neatly Combines Google And Wolfram Results

As soon as Wolfram Alpha launched as a computational knowledge engine, avid searchers hacked up tools to combine its results with standard Google searches. The Goofram site is a clean-looking site that does all that mashing for you.

Have You Cut Mobile Browsing To Save Money?

Aussie users appear to be scaling back on mobile browsing to save money. Have you cut your phone Internet fix?

Internode NodeLine Is Cheap But Strange

Internode has added a standard telephony service to its range. The prices are cheaper than conventional landlines, but the question remains: why?

Use Three-Part Lists For Maximum Persuasion

Need to write a convincing presentation for work? The secret might just be saying the same thing three times. Not once, not twice, but three times.

Google Adds Hi-Res, Shape Options To Image Search

Having recently enabled image search by colour, Google continues to tweak its image searching capacities, with new options to find photos with a specific resolution or a particular shape.

Use A Keyboard Shortcut For Excel Bulleted Lists

Compared to Word, Excel has sloppy support for entering bulleted text (and the option to insert a bullet symbol isn’t even on the Home tab), but you can speed up the process with a keyboard shortcut.

Album Spotter Keeps You Up-to-Date With Your Music

If you’ve ever wanted a fast, automated way to check if you’ve got the latest albums from your favourite bands, web site Album Spotter might be your answer.

Test Out Your Mechanic Beforehand With Minor Repair Jobs

If your car needs servicing and you don’t have the necessary skills to go the DIY route, you’ll need to find a capable, trustworthy mechanic. How? Test out their skill level before your car gives you major trouble.

Sort Email By Multiple Columns In Outlook

The gHacks blog points out a great, but lesser-known feature in Microsoft Outlook: You can sort by multiple columns at the same time with an easy trick.

The Hidden Cable Workspace

An uncluttered workspace with well-managed cables definitely doesn’t happen by accident. Today’s featured workspace showcases the kind of clutter-free work environment you can have with careful planning and execution.

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