Wednesday, June 3, 2009
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KillCopy Speeds Up Disk Transfers And Securely Deletes Files

Windows only: It’s no secret that the default copy handler in Windows is miserably inadequate. KillCopy runs circles around the default handler with tons of customisable options including a secure over write of moved files.

DropBoxee Loads Files Into Boxee

Want to load up to 100MB of video, audio or pictures into a Boxee media centre without any file copying or configuration? DropBoxee, a new Boxee app, grabs and plays just about any media from a stash.

Make A DIY iPhone Stylus For Precision, Greasy Fingers

The iPhone and iPod touch are meant to be, well, touched. But when you need acute accuracy for your next New Yorker cover, or if you just finished some nachos, a cheap, easy to build stylus might fit the bill.

Opera 10 Beta Adds "Turbo Mode", Visual Tabs

Windows/Mac/Linux: A new beta of the speedy, innovative Opera web browser is available for download, bringing a visual, expandable tab bar and tab previews, server-side compression for slow connections, and many more features to your desktop.

Google Updates Australian iGoogle Apps

Google has launched a minor refit of its local iGoogle home page, including ‘canvas view’ gadgets that can expand and contract without leaving the iGoogle site and a bunch of additional news feed gadgets.

My Quest For The Mac's Keyboard Shortcut Soul

Readers assure Lifehacker’s resident cynic that the Mac is a keyboard shortcut lovers’ dream, but a hands-on test still produced somewhat mixed results for me.

Officeworks, Harris Technology Pulling Out Of FlyBuys

Bad news for tech geeks looking to accrue some freebies with their purchases: both the Officeworks chain and Harris Technology are pulling out of the FlyBuys scheme from July 1, 2009.

Clean Your Laptop To Keep It Running Smooth And Cool

Taking time out to evacuate your PC’s dust bunnies is a must for keeping your computer running in tip-top shape. If you’re more the laptop sort, DIY site Instructables details how to banish dust from your laptop.

Internode Increases Caps On 3G Broadband

When Internode rolled out its 3G plans back in April, we were critical of the relatively low data limits, so it’s good news that they’ve now been increased.

He's The Secret. She's The Agent.

Catch up with your favourite computer geek turned government operative as he saves the world one secret mission at a time with Chuck: The Complete First Season on DVD 3rd June 2009 from Warner Home Video for $59.95 SRP.

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