Tuesday, August 19, 2008
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ToDoList Handles Subtasks Galore

Windows only: No-nonsense task manager ToDoList is small, lightweight, and portable (so you can run it from your thumb drive), and it offers the feature other task managers frequently and strangely lack: the ability to track multiple levels of nested tasks. Here’s a screenshot of the nesting in action.

Fix Broken Hyperlinks in Outlook

The Productivity Portfolio blog runs down three common fixes for the unexpected and highly frustrating bug of hyperlinks going non-helpful—meaning your browser doesn’t open, goes to a dead page, or some other problem. The post notes that resetting your browser, re-registering DLL files, and resetting file-type handlers in Windows usually fixes the problem without a re-install, and runs down the steps to do so. The fixes mostly involve working with Internet Explorer, but, as pointed out, you can then just switch your default browser back to Firefox (phew!). . Outlook Hyperlinks Fail to Work [Productivity Portfoilo]

Del.izzy Searches Content Inside Del.icio.us Bookmarks

Search site del.izzy combs through the actual word content of your bookmarks on (newly re-launched) social bookmarking service Del.icio.us. So if you vaguely remember, for example, bookmarking a guide to hacking your router, but the link has one of those annoyingly non-specific titles (“w00t x 25! Awesome hack!”), you can find it with a quick search here. The site notes that it occasionally gets throttled by the Del.icio.us overlords; in that case, head over to previously mentioned Google hack deliGoo and try your luck there. del.izzy [via etc.]

YouTube Podcaster Creates Video Feeds from Searches

YouTube Podcaster takes your YouTube video searches and creates RSS feeds of either links or download-able videos from them. In a standard RSS reader, the search results come back as video titles and links, but copy the link to the iTunes feed and you’ll get a stream of MP4-formatted videos. Given the popularity of the video sharing site, you’ll want to winnow down your search to avoid overwhelming your reader or iTunes player every hour, but the service provides two seriously useful functions that YouTube itself doesn’t. The service requires no sign-up and is free, although donations are accepted.

YouTube Podcaster [vixy.net via MakeUseOf.com]

FosiX Lite Visualises Your Disk Usage

Windows only: Disk utility FosiX Lite is a visual hard disk analyser in the vein of previously covered WinStatDir and JDiskReport. What sets FosiX apart is the interactivity of the bar charts and pie graphs it produces. Run the application and see that you have two directories at the root level taking up a huge amount of space? Click on one and you’re immediately inside the directory looking at new graph showing how space is distributed in that directory. FosiX lets you quickly see and drill down through large directories to get a sense of how your data is stored and the amount of space it is taking up. FosiX Lite is a free download for Windows only.

FosiX Lite [via Life Rocks 2.0]

Comments ahoy!

Problems with the commenting system have now (finger crossed) been fixed, so jump on in and let us know what you think on any (or every) story.

ANZ beefs up iPhone banking, examines support for other mobile platforms

ANZ has expanded its its Internet banking service for use on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), adding the ability for existing Internet banking customers to check balances and view recent transactions. We’ve previously mentioned this app, but the new options are a substantial improvement on the previous brochureware-style approach. A funds transfer feature is under development. The service is currently iPhone-only, but other mobile platforms are apparently under consideration (BlackBerry would seem an obvious choice). [ANZ]

3 promises expanded broadband coverage

Here at Lifehacker, we’ve regularly tempered our discussion of 3’s broadband services with the warning that if you end up roaming outside a 3 coverage area, it’ll cost way too much to be worth it. It looks like that situation could improve in the near future, with 3 announcing today that it plans to expand its services to cover 96% of the population (the current level is 56%). First areas off the rank will be Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast and the Mornington Peninsula, all of which will see 3 build its own network coverage by the end of the year. 3 s also looking to offer roaming onto Telstra’s Next G 3G network in other areas to reach the 96% goal, though we’ll hold off on judgement of that until pricing arrangements are revealed.

Tagmarks Makes It Easy to Tag Your Firefox 3 Bookmarks

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): If you like the concept of bookmark tags introduced in Firefox 3 but just can’t seem to get into the habit of using them, Firefox extension Tagmarks adds tag images to your awesome bar for quick and easy bookmarking and tagging. Once installed, you’ll see several new images next to the default star when you hover your mouse over the star. Click one to both tag and bookmark that page in one fell swoop. You can click on as many of these tags as you want, and when you view your bookmarks, you’ll notice text tags have been automatically assigned. Tagmarks is free, works wherever Firefox does. Hopefully we’ll see a more customisable version of Tagmarks in the future. Tagmarks [Firefox Add-ons via CyberNet]

Copy Starbucks recipes at home

If you’re suffering from Starbucks’ recent closure of three-quarters of its Australian stores, then the Ultimate Starbucks Recipe Book free PDF download might help sate your frappuccino urges. Quantities are in US imperial measurements, but for most of the coffee recipes that shouldn’t make a major difference. (Sadly, we can’t do much about the reduced Wi-Fi footprint those closures also represent.) [Coffee Fair via OzBargain]

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