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Almost every significant data breach starts by compromising an end-point device. And the easiest way to do that is to steal some user credentials. It's why the theft of credentials from Yahoo!, Ashley Madison and other large companies are such a big deal. Many people use the same usernames and passwords on multiple sites. But what if your access to a site was governed by something other than a username and password? This is where the YubiKey fits in.


Two-factor authentication is a quick, easy way to add extra security to your accounts (or password managers). For even more security and peace of mind, consider buying a hardware token like the YubiKey or Google Titan.

They’re incredibly easy to set up, and as long as you keep the USB accessory on or near you—on your keyring, for example — you’ll be able to authenticate into supported accounts and services as quickly as typing in a password. And since nobody else will have your hardware authenticator, your accounts will be protected from other attackers.