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The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics are in their last day. Patriotism, sexy ice skating routines, a North and South Korea partnership, plenty of nasty falls and brave athletes travelling headfirst down an icy slippery dip all comes to its conclusion this evening with a huge closing ceremony from South Korea tonight.

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Australia performed admirably in PyeongChang for a country not exactly renowned for its prowess in winter sports - we live on a bloody dry continent, don't we mate? - there were no Stephen Bradbury-esque moments, a few heartbreaks and a lot of emotion though. Today's the last day of the Winter Olympics and there's gold galore on the line.

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The opening ceremony for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics was hit by a significant cyberattack that saw ticket holders unable to print tickets out from the Games' website and internet access shut down during the opening. While the organising committee says they have taken all steps to remedy the attack, they refuse to tell anyone about the source or any further details on what happened.


In sub-zero temperatures, Ryan Pierse has to get on hands and knees for the perfect shot. As a photographer for Getty Images, he's tasked with capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moments that occur throughout this year's PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Aussie Gold medals? He'll be all over it.

With that huge responsibility, he isn't cutting any corners - he's brought with him more camera bodies, lenses and hand warmers than should be physically possible - and he's given us a look at exactly what kind of tech he's carrying around.