Winter Olympics 2018: Watch The Live Stream Here

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The Winter Olympics officially kicked off Friday with a huge opening ceremony from PyeongChang, South Korea. The freezing conditions haven't soured the event at all, with some 2952 athletes competing over 15 sports at the 23rd Winter Olympic Games. Want to see the South Korean spectacle live? We've got the livestream link here!

Pretty simply, Channel 7 is the Olympics Network and they'll be covering most of the Winter Olympics on free-to-air TV, their Olympics app and streaming live through 7Plus. They also have a dedicated desktop site that's already live and playing some of the pre-opening ceremony events, such as the luge, speed skating and curling.

So while the opening ceremony doesn't kick off until 10pm AEDT, we've got you covered for the rest of the day with the stream below.

Stream the 2018 Winter Olympics Here!


    Six nations will be making their Winter Olympics bow this month – Singapore, Eritrea, Ecuador, Malaysia, Kosovo and Nigeria — most of whom don’t experience much in the way of snow, ice or even cold weather. I wonder what happens to them. This is going to be a 'not to miss' event this year. If you are living outside US and have subscription to US channels then chances are you won't be able to watch it. PureVPN blog has curated a list of channels that would be streaming the Winter Olympics live.

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    Couldn't help but notice our commentators nearly missed the Australian team entering the arena - in fact the woman commentator was continually talking about dribble and someone must have poked her and said - "hey look isn't that the Aussie Team"

    I watch the Olympics every year and we are on our way to Memphis for a church trip and o really don't want to miss it

    Shame nobody offers a reliable streaming option here, would be more than willing to pay a small amount to be able to view live & replay missed events, especially since channel 7 is one giant fail when covering an event like this. The constant ads, minimal event viewing times, commentators who don't belong in a commentary booth due to their lack of knowledge on what they are discussing.. etc, etc

    Every Olympics (winter and summer) the commentators rhapsodise over the Australians for so long they totally ignore the following Austrian team (my wife is Austrian so much grumbling) every time. And so it was this time. Quote:- "oh there goes the Austrian team".

    Tried accessing the Channel-7 website at "".
    I see the page briefly then it all go blank and unresponsive - Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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