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Smartphones are a part of life these days, and if your kid doesn't use one now, they probably will before long. But with a great device comes great responsibility. The Smart Talk is a website that helps parents and kids come up with a set of phone rules together, and creates a handy agreement you can print out.


Setting up a website with a content management system (CMS) allows people with no web development skills to easily add and manage content on the site. Trouble is, there are are a lot of CMS offerings out there and picking the right one for your needs may prove challenging. This infographic comparing the three biggest CMS platforms in the market today may help you make up your mind.


Small businesses make up 96 per cent of Australian companies and while most of them have internet access, only half of them have their own website. It seems like a no-brainer for any company to have an online presence, but many small businesses have thrown this in the "too hard" basket. However, there are easy ways for even your local fish and chips shop to make themselves known on the world wide web.