• ‘Natural’ Skincare Is a Lie

    ‘Natural’ Skincare Is a Lie

    Adding manufactured substances to our skin is pretty unnatural, when you think about it. Even the most “natural” skincare products have their ingredients extracted, chemically formulated, and processed in some sort of industrial facility. It’s become popular to call some commercial skincare products “clean” or “natural” in contrast to others, but the terms actually don’t…

  • Skillsoft Opens New Coding Practice Lab

    Skillsoft has launched CodeX, a new virtual coding practice lab that provides coding exercises with embedded video content. It offers hardware labs for products from Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and CompTIA with tools such as Android Studio 2.3.3, Eclipse, Eclipse Neon, IDLE 3.4, IPython (Anaconda 4.4) and Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Microsoft Tries To Kill The Password

    Two-factor authentication is often touted as a great tool for thwarting threat actors who steal or guess account credentials in order to break into systems. Microsoft Authenticator is a new app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that ditches passwords for Windows log-ins with one-time passcode that are delivered to your smartphone.