Microsoft Updates Office 365 Web Experience

Source: Microsoft

If you're a browser-based user of Office 365 you'll see some changes. Microsoft has given the online version of their productivity suite a spruce up, refreshing the application launcher and improving the search tool. There's a also a task-based tool that suggests which tool to use to best complete a particular job

The changes, which are being rolled out progressively o ver the next couple of months, don't change the apps themselves - that happen quite frequently - but rather how you get to things. It started with a new URL -

A new app launcher, that's accessed via the button un the top left corner (that's looks like an 3 by 3 array of dots, displays all the apps you have access to. That list of apps can be easily customised so you can add the tools or sites you need.

Source: Microsoft

In addition, augmenting the usual "Recently Opened" list of files, Office 365 will make it easier to find documents that have been shared to you and responses to comments you've made. In addition, there's a view that shows the recent actions that have taken place on your documents. For example, you'll see if someone has edited or commented on a shared document.

The new search features allow you to look across multiple repositories including OneDrive, Sharepoint and web apps.

The second half of this year has seen a significant acceleration in collaboration software. Major players such as Slack, Dropbox, Hipchat (which is now called Stride), and Microsoft Teams have all been updated recently. This is another step in that direction from Microsoft.

Admins will see details about the rollout in the Message Centre in the administration portal.


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