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There’s no greater panic-inducing moment than being stuck in a slow security line, knowing you have minutes (or even seconds) before your flight departs. If you break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of missing a flight, we hope to provide you some comfort: A number of airlines have rules that ensure you won’t be stranded.

How easily you’ll get rebooked on a later flight, though and whether you’ll have to pay often depends on how late you arrive to the airport and whether you’ve made an effort to inform the airline of your tardiness.


Another week, another United P.R. disaster. This time, a giant pet rabbit died on a United flight from London to O'Hare, and the airline's... not exactly sure what happened. The news is enough to make any responsible pet owner pause and ask, "How can I best protect my pet when he or she has to fly in cargo? What are the best practices for making sure my darling is going to 1) live and 2) be as comfortable as possible?"