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As I prepare for life with a new baby, I’ve been hearing a lot of advice on how to help my five-year-old daughter Maggie transition into her role of a big sister, a title she isn’t entirely thrilled about.

“Read her some big sibling books,” people say. (Done.) “Let her help out.” (Definitely.) “Get her a gift ‘from the baby’.” (OK, though I’m pretty sure she understands that a fetus has not had time to rake in currency in the womb.)


When it’s time for your toddler to let go of something big, the struggle is real. These tiny tyrants are routine fiends, and giving up longtime objects of comfort (or any old thing picked up in the sandpit, for that matter) often doesn’t go down easy.

I have learned, however, that if you create a ceremony that celebrates your little one’s budding independence, one that gives them a sense of purpose, pride and goodwill, the drama will be dropped. Really.


Moving from one activity to another can be difficult, even for adults. It’s especially challenging for kids when the transition is being made from something enjoyable (such as playing or watching TV) to something less desirable (such as leaving a fun place or doing chores).

When my son was a toddler, he had a really hard time being dropped off at and being picked up from preschool. He’d cry or physically resist leaving, refusing to get into his car seat.