• Why You Shouldn’t Speak When You Get a Robocall

    Why You Shouldn’t Speak When You Get a Robocall

    Being asked “can you hear me?” by a caller might seem innocent enough, but even a one-word answer of “yes” could put you at risk of a scam. In rare cases, phone scammers can record your voice with the intent to impersonate you in order to make fraudulent purchases, but it’s more likely they’re simply…

  • 10 Infomercial Products That Made Their Owners Filthy Rich

    If you’re embarking on a start-up that sells products or services to consumers, an infomercial can be your express ticket to success. Sure, we’ve all laughed scornfully at these terrible late-night pseudo-adverts before, but the industry currently turns over $150 billion per year and has been known to make people fabulously wealthy overnight. Here are…

  • More Tactics For Putting Off Telemarketers

    Yesterday, we looked at two tactics for dissuading telemarketers from calling again: giving them a fake name so you can detect them next time, or hanging up without another word. If neither of those appeal, here’s some more options.