ACCC Recommends Hanging Up On Phone Scammers

ACCC Recommends Hanging Up On Phone Scammers

We’ve often suggested simply hanging up as the best way to deal with dodgy telemarketers. That strategy has just got some serious backing, with the ACCC and ACMA joining forces to recommend hanging up whenever you suspect something dodgy on the other end of the line.

The advice from the two regulators particularly applies to phone scams, where callers attempt to grab personal details for fraudulent purposes. The advice can be summed up simply in one sentence:

If you get a cold call from someone claiming you are entitled to a refund, have won a holiday or have a virus on your computer, hang up immediately.

That said, it’s even simpler to hang up whenever you receive an unsolicited call. Being tolerant is frequently a good idea when you need to contact a call centre yourself, but in the case of outbound calls you didn’t initiate, showing no mercy is a prudent policy.



  • I find the best way to deal with telemarketting companies is to… keep them on the line for as many hours as possible, waiting for the right person etc.

    So that, they spend there time and cash on nothing. losing business and eventually shutting down.

    Guys, this is a grass roots movement. Next time you get a call, tell them to hold on a second whilst you ‘get someone to answer’ and then put the phone down and leave it for an hour or something.

    Let’s shut these lame business’ down!

  • I’ve had phone calls before from my Bank and Mobile Phone provider, and the first thing they do is ask for my details. The ACCC doesn’t provide any help on how to deal with those types of phone calls. I don’t think that’s their fault, but more a legislative problem, these companies have to identify you before they can give out your information, but they only seem to be able to do that with very personal information. There needs to be a new procedure for when companies contact you, perhaps if they provided some details that only that company would know first that might work better.

  • We used to get lots of calls from cold callers trying to sell us things we had no interest in, and always at the most inconvenient time. Until we started doing the following:

    1. Ask their name and the company they are from and the address of that company. If they say they are representing so and so company, ask for the name and address of the company they are employed by. They must provide this information. Write it down.
    2. Advise them that your fee for listening to their presentation is $100 per 15 mins or part thereof (or whatever fee you consider is reasonable for your time) and that if they agree to payment of that fee on behalf of their company they may continue their presentation.
    3. At this point there will be a brief period of silence and then they will hang up.

    If you follow this process with all cold calls you will eventually find that, like us, you no longer receive them.

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