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You may have taken the quiz as a child: What type of learner are you? You'd answer questions such as, "When you see the word cat, are you more likely to a) picture a cat in your head, b) say the word 'cat' to yourself, or c) imagine yourself physically petting a cat?" Once you made your selections, your so-called learning style would be revealed. Congrats! You're a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner!


The NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) has requested a stop work meeting of teachers on Thursday, 8 December. The meeting is scheduled to end before school recess with classes commencing sometime after. As a result, some schools are asking parents to find "alternative arrangements" for children during the morning. Here's what you need to know.


A common view is that students learn maths best when teachers give clear explanations of mathematical concepts, usually in isolation from other concepts and students are then given opportunities to practise what they have been shown. I've recently undertaken research at primary and junior secondary levels exploring a different approach.