Code Club Australia Teaches Teachers How To Code For Free

Code Club Australia Teaches Teachers How To Code For Free

The Australian Government is already making moves to introduce coding as part of the school curriculum for kids. But teachers can get in on the action as well with a new free course being organised by Code Club Australia.

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Code Club Australia is a non-profit organisation which has been teaching kids from age nine to 11 how to code in languages like Python in after-school classes. The classes are run by volunteers and is backed by Telstra.

The group has now wants to show teachers how to code as well. Code Club Australia wants to train 500 teachers in the next six months on coding for free.

“Code Club’s curriculum has been aligned to the digital technologies curriculum and also aligns with other areas such as English and Mathematics,” Code Club Australia national programme manager, Kelly Tagalan, said in a statement. “We pair that with the teacher-training program so that educators can understand the pedagogy around bringing coding into the classroom.

“We are constantly running teacher training sessions around the country. We are also happy to come out to schools and host a training session in your area.”

If you’re a teacher who is interested in the free coding classes, you can visit Code Club Australia’s website to get started.


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