• Pop-Tarts Are the New Toast

    Pop-Tarts Are the New Toast

    At least once a year, I go on a Pop-Tart kick, and I’m currently working at Rockette levels. You can use them to make holiday pie crusts, an ice cream sandwich, or a perverted Pop-Tart trifle to celebrate someone you love. They also make an incredible piece of toast. Unlike a common piece of toast, a…

  • Make These Three-Ingredient Nutella Mummy Tarts

    Make These Three-Ingredient Nutella Mummy Tarts

    Puff pastry is the impressive main element in dozens of sophisticated desserts because of its structure, rich flavour, and versatility. It’s also exactly what I needed to make a thoroughly unsophisticated Halloween dessert. These mummy Nutella tarts require only three ingredients and an oven — you don’t even need any artistic skill or dexterity. The…

  • You Should Make A Pretzel Tart Crust

    As I have mentioned previously, I am a product baker, not a process baker. Folding, rolling, chilling and beating rarely offer any type of catharsis, and making pastry stresses me out. Because of this, I am always looking for easy but delicious tart crusts, and the pretzel crust is my new favourite.