Read To Your Kids While They’re In The Bathtub

Read To Your Kids While They’re In The Bathtub

There’s really no bad time or place to read to a child (ok, maybe while scuba diving or getting a root canal, but you know what I mean). Still, when my daughter was younger, one of the greatest story time setups involved sticking her in the bathtub, grabbing a stack…

The Ten Best Comment Threads On The Internet

The first rule of online journalism is: “Don’t read the comments!” (Well, it is at other outlets – we love reading yours.) Sometimes however, a forum will transcend the usual bickering and meme sharing to become something truly special – perhaps even legendary. Here are ten of those threads.

How To Share Snapchat Stories Outside The App

Snapchat is in the process of rolling out its biggest redesign ever, but last week the company announced another big update that could change the way people use its app. You can now share certain Stories (what Snapchat calls its disappearing videos and pictures) outside of Snapchat.