How To Avoid Being Approached By Strangers In Public

How To Avoid Being Approached By Strangers In Public

You could be walking down a city street, taking a stroll at your local park, or begrudgingly commuting to your grandparent’s place on the off chance you’ll be rewarded with cash. You’re vulnerable. You’re socially naked. You’re a lone gazelle waiting to be devoured by an overly outgoing lion. So…

Put Yourself On A 20 Minute Timer To Make Awkward Social Events Easier

Going to an event where you don’t know anyone sucks, but sometimes you have to, like for networking events or work functions where you need to “be seen”. Set a 20 minute timer on your phone when you arrive. Knowing there’s a clock running will make you more comfortable and…

Top 10 Tips To Work A Room Like A Champ

Whether you’re headed to your office’s Christmas party or attending your neighbour’s BBQ — both of which should be fun — also come with all sorts of awkward moments and stressful situations attached. Here are 10 ways to work those parties like a champ.