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Nothing will ever replace Google Reader once it passes into digital oblivion, but there are many, many alternatives to select from, so chances are there's something out there that will be good enough. Quite RSS, for example, replicates the look and feel of Google Reader, while also adding a few improvements of its own.


Radiohead have fired the latest salvo in the "music industry versus the internet" battle. The band, now free of a recording contract, will sell their album directly to fans, who get to pay what they think the album is worth.
Tech Crunch has the writeup here, but there's a little bit of music industry they've missed, so I'll fill in some blanks.
The RIAA's war on the internet, file sharing and piracy has been going on a while now. Musos have had a few options of how to deal with the P2P monster which was stealing their livelihoods (or at least the few cents per album sale which their recording contracts gave them).
You could go down the path that Metallica and Dr Dre went in the war on Napster and take the war directly to the people trading your music. Our historical time machine Wikipedia reminds us that "both Metallica and Dr. Dre later delivered thousands of usernames to Napster who they believed were pirating their songs". Nice way to show your fans the love!
Prince was a more recent conscript in the music industry's war on the net, announcing earlier this month he would sue YouTube to 'regain control of his music videos'.
But perhaps our biggest musical luddite is Elton John who called for the internet to be banned full stop.
Or you could go the Radiohead path, bypass the music industry completely and sell your music direct to fans online. They're certainly not the first to ask fans to pay what they think the music's worth - Jane Silberry (who famously duetted with kd lang on 'Calling all Angels') has done that for years through Sheeba. But they are perhaps the most high profile act to try it so far. Good luck to them!

Radiohead Tells Fans To Name Their Own Price For Latest Album Downloads; Gives Them A Reason To Pay


Popular weather web site AccuWeather's RSS Center builds RSS feeds of your local weather so you can get your latest weather forecasts delivered to your RSS reader. It's nothing big, but if you live in your newsreader, this is one more bit of info you can get directly in your news digest. These one-off information-only RSS feeds—like sports scores or severe weather warnings—are great utilitarian additions to your newsreader.
RSS Center


If you're not happy with your web hosting company, it's usually pretty simple to make a change. Blogging tips site Essential Keystrokes has simplified this process into six easy steps.
The main thing to remember? Back up, baby, just in case things don't go right. Basically, you'll want to get all your web hosting ducks in a row before you start switching things willy-nilly. If you've had to switch web hosts - for whatever reason - please share in the comments what made the process go more easily for you.
6 Easy Steps to Making a Web Hosting Switch


A few extensions, hacks and a little elbow grease can turn your vanilla installation of Thunderbird into a powerful productivity app. Mark Shuttleworth recently professed to us that he uses Thunderbird for email and Evolution for calendar management. While Mark's confession was enough to push me away from Gmail's web interface and onto Thunderbird full-time, having separate apps for email and calendar management makes no sense. The Ubuntu Forums has a detailed thread that shows how you can get the most out of Thunderbird by using the Lightning extension and Google Calendar.

AU - Aussie readers will have already seen our reader submitted tip on using lighting to view calendar events in Thunderbird.

Using Google Calendar, Thunderbird and Lighting to full effect


Feel like you've got too much on your plate to start a new book? Web site LazyLibrary aggregates books available from Amazon that clock in under 200 pages to help you find something you can fit into your schedule. This site may scream travesty to the diehard literati, but if you want to get back in the habit of reading but need a light point of entry, LazyLibrary might be for you.