ReadKit, The RSS Reader For Mac, Cleans Up Its Design And Adds A New Dark Theme

Mac: ReadKit is one of the best RSS readers on Mac, and today it's getting a little better with a revamped interface that includes a unified toolbar and a new dark theme.

Reeder 2 Returns To The Mac With New Themes And New RSS Feed Support

Mac. Reeder is our favourite RSS reader on the Mac, but after Google Reader shut down, it stopped working. Now, Reeder is back in the Mac App Store and supports all kinds of RSS readers as well as local RSS.

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The big new feature here is the unified toolbar, which crams everything into the top bar, making it much easier to use (and look at). There's also some new icons, animations and other tweaks throughout. Also new is the "Black" theme, which complements the already existing dark theme with an even darker aesthetic. If you're on the new MacBook Pro, you now get Touch Bar support.

RSS readers have certainly fallen out of style over the years, and while our favourite for Mac, Reeder, is still great, ReadKit has plenty of its own tricks, like integration with your Instapaper or Pocket reading list. You can check out a trial of ReadKit over on its site before you decide to throw down the cash.

ReadKit ($US9.99 [$13])


    The first link goes to a Reeder 2 announcement, not a ReadKit article.

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