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Web: Sharing a song should be simple. If you are listening to a track on Spotify, you should be able to share it with a friend easily, without them needing to be a Spotify user. Bop.fm makes this possible by cross-linking songs between different services, so that if you share a Spotify link with someone who isn't a user, they'll be able to hear the same song on other services such as Deezer, Rdio, SoundCloud or YouTube.


Eavesdrop is a developer app for Rdio that turns your friends on the service into virtual DJs. The app lets you select a friend and listen to what they're hearing in real time. As they skip songs or tweak their playlist, you'll hear their changes immediately. It's like listening to the radio, only with your friend in control of the music.


Streaming music service Rdio has rolled out in Australia, adding itself to the growing roster of subscription music services. While it's good to have choice and the claimed 12 million tracks sounds appealing, the pricing is higher compared to its competitors.