• How To Quit Your Job

    You’re ready to move on, and it’s time to break the news to the boss. What’s the proper protocol for going out on the right note?

  • When To Let Your Child Quit A Musical Instrument

    When To Let Your Child Quit A Musical Instrument

    For many parents, the following scenario is painfully familiar: Child becomes interested in a particular instrument after witnessing a performance on said instrument. Child begs for one of their very own. Also begs for lessons. Promises they will practice “every day.” Three months and several hundred dollars later, every practice session is an argument and…

  • A Google Cloud Exec’s Top Two Reasons To Quit Your Job

    Whether you’re an employee at a large organisation or a self-employed freelancer, we all encounter difficulties during our professional careers. Some of hurdles we face make us question whether we should continue down the path we’re on. So how do you decide when it’s time to quit? A Google executive said there are two good…