Rob Walker

  • Stop Trying To Be The Office Superhero

    You’ve become the “go-to” person in your office for a slew of tasks that nobody else can (or will) do. Good news: You feel indispensable. Bad news: You can basically never take a holiday. Here’s how to get out of this mess — or, better yet, avoid it in the first place.

  • How To Decide Whether To Accept A Job Offer

    You’ve been approached about a new gig — but it’s complicated. You’d be happy to stick with your longtime employer, but you’re not sure if that’s realistic, and your spouse doesn’t want you to relocate. Here’s how to think of this decision as an opportunity, not a chore.

  • How To Get Fired

    Getting fired pretty much always stinks. But there’s something distinctly humbling about being fired from your gig as a workplace advice columnist. I know, because it happened to me.