Poach An Egg Right In Your Instant Noodles

Instant noodles may be the perfect cheap food. It’s good by itself, but there are always creative ways to transform it into something better. My favourite thing to do is to crack an egg into the pot while my noodles are cooking.

Use Salsa As A Sandwich TopperĀ 

A good sandwich doesn’t need more than meat, cheese and bread, but adding some tomato, onion or other vegetable can make it truly great through the addition of fresh flavour and texture. Instead of slicing and dicing each of these components individually, you can save time by piling on the…

Get Glorious Roasted Garlic In Just 15 Minutes

Roasted garlic is somewhat magical, but leaving the oven on for 50 minutes or so isn’t always feasible (or desired in these hot-weather months). If you want to mellow out the pungent allium without heating up the house, turn to your skillet.