Use Salsa As A Sandwich Topper 

A good sandwich doesn't need more than meat, cheese and bread, but adding some tomato, onion or other vegetable can make it truly great through the addition of fresh flavour and texture. Instead of slicing and dicing each of these components individually, you can save time by piling on the salsa.

This idea was actually mentioned to me by my very busy friend (who is a mother, a bartender and a law student). One day, in an attempt to throw together a sandwich and get out the door, she reached for some pico de gallo, rather than slicing a tomato and onion separately. The diced mixture of tomato, onion, chillies and coriander goes particularly well with a turkey and cheddar sandwich, a roast beef and pepper jack (for extra heat), or even a tuna salad sandwich. Don't like coriander? Pretty much any salsa can be used, but I'm partial to these flavour combos:

  • Berry salsa with ham and brie
  • Corn salsa with chicken salad
  • Mango salsa with roasted chicken
  • Black bean and avocado salsa with hummus

Just scoop it on (place it in between cheese and meat to keep the bread from getting soggy), munch it down, and feel very good about all the produce you managed to pack on your sandwich without breaking out the cutting board.


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