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Here’s what Kristina Kuzmic knows: Perfection is boring. Parenthood is messy. We might as well embrace the chaos. In her funny and compassionate videos, the vlogging star — who has over two million Facebook fans — slams the notion that mums and dads should be loving every minute of raising kids.

She gets real, addressing the oh-so-familiar parenting hangover, the unpredictability of teenagers, and her stance that her kids are not her friends (“If you’re 30- or 40-something, and your best friend is an eight-year-old, that’s just weird”). Kuzmic gives us a look into her daily life.


Video: Raising children is a lot of work, so who can blame parents that look for tips and tricks to make it all a little easier? Sadly, not all life hacks are as useful as they seem. Here's what happens when 25 of the most popular parenting hacks are attempted.


Baby bottles tend to pile up when you're so busy taking care of your child to clean them, but instead of running them through the dishwasher and waiting or scrubbing them by hand, pop them in your pressure cooker on the steaming rack. A few minutes later, they will all be clean and ready for use.