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On Friday, a leader from North Korea crossed the Korean Demilitarised Zone for the first time ever to talk denuclearisation and long-awaited peace. It was a truly historic moment, but it's only the latest event in a complicated conflict that's lasted nearly 70 years. Here's everything you should know about the Korean War.


The basketball courts in Pyongyang look like basketball courts in Australia or Europe or the USA. At both ends there is a ring with a net and a backboard. The rectangle court is marked down the centre and two arches rise from its baselines - the three point arc.

But in North Korea, the so called Hermit Kingdom, basketball has an entirely unique set of rules, where extra points are handed out for slam dunks and for swishes.


As northeast Asia teeters on the brink of a conflict that could escalate beyond anyone’s control, it is more important than ever to be well-informed about North Korea, and move beyond the common caricatures of the country and its leader, Kim Jong-un. This is difficult when many misconceptions about North Korea perpetuate in the public consciousness.

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Hello, readers! In today's edition of "I didn't need to know this but now I do, so you have to as well" we're talking about the pornography viewing habits of North Koreans.

Now, I know what you're thinking - porn is banned in North Korea, right? And you'd be right. But as the saying goes, life finds a way - and nothing can hide from Google Analytics for long.


North Korea have recently been testing their nuclear weapons. The US and their allies, like Australia, have said 'please stop this'. Nuclear weapons are all over the news again but they're power is so phenomenal it can be hard to wrap your head around. This infographic gives a really neat, comprehensive overview of nuclear weapons - how many exist, how they work and their effects.