The Facts About Nuclear Weapons [Infographic]

The Facts About Nuclear Weapons [Infographic]

North Korea have recently been testing their nuclear weapons. The US and their allies, like Australia, have said ‘please stop this’. Nuclear weapons are all over the news again but they’re power is so phenomenal it can be hard to wrap your head around. This infographic gives a really neat, comprehensive overview of nuclear weapons – how many exist, how they work and their effects.

GradSchoolHub put together this neat 101 on the facts about nuclear weaponry from their chemical composition to the effects of weapons that have been detonated in the real world. The astonishing Tsar Bomba, a Soviet hydrogen bomb that underwent a test detonation in 1961, was a 50 megaton bomb and the largest explosion in history. It’s astonishing to look at the numbers and range of effect for a nuclear weapon of such size. It’s almost unbelievable just how much damage these weapons can do.

It also displays the staggering number of warheads in possession of the US and the huge difference in power between the Americans and North Korea.

The Facts About Nuclear Weapons [Infographic]

Image: GradSchoolHub


  • Hmm. That graphic really needed to be spell checked. Also, the distance from Moscow to Maine is 4100 miles, not 6800. I’m guessing they didn’t factor curvature and flying over the polar region.

  • Actually the last I heard North Korea has something in the neighbourhood of 20-30 weapons.

    Ah stuff like this takes me back to the 80’s woohoo cold war 2.0

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