• Know Your Network: Understanding Your Router’s Admin Page

    Most routers come with some kind of administrative website that you access by typing their IP address into your favourite web browser and entering your login and password”which you changed from admin/admin or admin/password, right? If you’re lucky, you have a “smarter” router that’s a bit easier to configure via an app, but most people…

  • A Love Letter To My Darling Network

    Roses are red, violets are blue, [clear] Network, you are as integral as my CPU.[clear] We may have our challenges but know this is true,[clear] My organisation would not be the same without all that you do.[clear]

  • Dealing With The IoT And Your Network

    ​ The Internet of Things is more than a buzzword. It represents a significant challenge to IT managers. Instead of building networks for thousands of endpoints, we can add at least one order of magnitude to that. How we manage network traffic, security, data volumes and skills will all be impacted.

  • What Is Mesh Networking And Will It Solve My Wi-Fi Problems?

    What Is Mesh Networking And Will It Solve My Wi-Fi Problems?

    You know how when you sit on your couch, the Wi-Fi on your laptop cuts out? Or when you’re in the bathroom your phone refuses to connect? From Google to Netgear, everyone’s rolling out expensive “Mesh Network” kits that promise to fix Wi-Fi dead zones in offices and homes. But only some people should shell…