NETSCOUT's New Network Tester Runs On Android

Image: From NETSCOUT

NETSCOUT has announced the availability of LinkRunner G2, an Android-based smart network tester that enables IT professionals to accelerate deployments and speed problem identification, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations. With companies deploying more networked devices than ever before, the LinkRunner G2 uses a combination of NETSCOUT developed software and vendor specific software on a hardened version of Android.

The LinkRunner G2's wired Ethernet capabilities and hardened Android OS allows network support teams to conduct the entire support workflow including receipt of a trouble ticket, review documentation, testing and automatically document the results. They can also configure and triage connected devices.

While some of these tasks can be carried out on an ordinary smartphone but these could create security risks and can't validate wired Ethernet infrastructure. That means they can't test PoE, cabling, link negotiation or network services.

“Handheld tools, like NETSCOUT’s LinkRunner G2, allow network professionals to focus on proactive tasks, rather than reactive tasks,” said Nolan Greene, Sr. Research Analyst, IDC. “Greater automation allows IT to focus on building the network of the future, rather than on solving short-term problems.”


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