Music Player (Remix) Packs A Swipe-Up Widget And Auto Playlists

Android: Music Player (Remix) is one of the most feature-rich music players we’ve ever seen. The app features a swipe-up “now playing” widget you can access from anywhere on your phone, an in-app Wikipedia browser for music info, multiple library views and playback position bookmarks.

The video above is a pretty lengthy (but complete) guide to Music Player (Remix)’s features. The gesture-driven widget is probably one of the most interesting features here. From any app, anywhere on your phone, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up playback controls. They’re overlaid on top of your other apps, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to skip songs or pause the music.

Once in the app, you have even more gesture controls: Swipe right for your music library, search, and preferences. Swipe left for your favourites and playlists. Swipe right on a song to to remove it from a playlist, or left to play it next.

Each screen is customisable so you can rearrange songs the way you like them. You can tell the app to build playlists automatically based on your listening habits and preferences. The app downloads album art, lyrics and other metadata automatically. Music Player (Remix) is also optimised for Android tablets, so it looks just as good on larger screens.

If you’ve wanted a music player that gives you complete control over your library and how you listen to your tunes, this app might do the trick. It will set you back $5.54, but you can get a two-week trial to test out the features and try before you buy. Hit the links below to get either version.

Music Player (Remix) (Free) [Google Play]

Music Player (Remix) ($5.54) [Google Play via Android Police]

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