FlipBeats Is A Good-Looking, Gesture-Powered Music Player For Android

Android: Whether you want a music player that's just fun and easy to use, or you want one that gives you control over how your music sounds when you play it, FlipBeats is a new Android player that's worth a look. The EQ options in the advanced settings and preset choices in the basic settings are fun to tweak and play with.

FlipBeats tries to cater to two different audiences. The first wants a fun, visual and gesture-powered music player that features big, beautiful album art, tiled selections for albums, artists and songs, persistent playback controls in the notifications pane, and music visualisers that are fun to look at while you listen. The second wants precise EQ controls and presets that tweak the music to create a listening experience unique to your tastes, or best for your environment, device or audio gear.

It's certainly not as feature-packed as some of the other players we've mentioned in the past for Android, especially those that can play music from cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. FlipBeats plays locally stored music only, and it doesn't give you the option to select music location — it just scans for music files.

FlipBeats is $2 at Google Play — you can download and try it for free for 20 days, after which you'll get nagged to pay for the full version. Right now, the developer is selling it for half-off, so if you like it, it's a buck.

FlipBeats ($2) [Google Play]


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