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Dear Lifehacker, I'm a .Mac (aka MobileMe) user. I sync all my calendars, contacts, mail, etc. with MobileMe. On the other hand I've an iTunes account registered on another email address. So how can I migrate to iCloud, using "Music and Apps in the Cloud" but still using my old MobileMe Address to sync all the other stuff? Thanks a lot. iConfused


Most everyone seems to love the iPhone, but the same can't be said for Apple's MobileMe service, which has performed so badly at launch that the company even issued an uncharacteristic apology. If MobileMe is driving you nuts, or you just don't fancy the annual service fee, blogger Beau Giles outlines how you can get similar results using NuevaSync and Google's mail service. The setup process looks a trifle fiddly, but there's step-by-step instructions, and it could be the solution to your mail, calendar and contact syncing woes -- and hey, it's free.Using Google as a *free* MobileMe alternative (with push contacts & calendar)