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Dear Lifehacker, I'm a .Mac (aka MobileMe) user. I sync all my calendars, contacts, mail, etc. with MobileMe. On the other hand I've an iTunes account registered on another email address. So how can I migrate to iCloud, using "Music and Apps in the Cloud" but still using my old MobileMe Address to sync all the other stuff? Thanks a lot. iConfused

Hi there iConfused. What you're describing is a common scenario. If I understand your problem, you'd like to merge two Apple IDs (one from iTunes and another from .Mac/MobileMe) into a single iCloud account.

The short answer is that Apple doesn't yet support this.

You can sync calendars, contacts and mail by converting your MobileMe account to iCloud. However, iCloud doesn't include all the same same features as MobileMe so things like iWeb publishing, Gallery, iDisk and OS X syncing of Dashboard widgets, keychains, Dock items, and System Preferences are no longer available.

Over at Macworld, there's some information about iCloud account management and iCloud Signup Scenarios that clarify some of the things you can and can't do with iCloud and Apple IDs.

In my case, I'm using my old .Mac/MobileMe account with iCloud and keeping my iTunes account (that uses a different email address) separate for now.

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    Does anyone know whether icloud supports email aliases ie so email looks as if it is sent from [email protected]?

      According to I think the answer is currently no.

    I had email aliases set up in mobileMe and they still work, but as far as I'm aware, you can't make a new alias with iCloud.

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