Make A DIY Camera Lens Case Out Of Plastic Bottles

Video: Being a casual photographer without much gear, I’m reluctant to spend money on things like proper camera bags and cases. I’d rather MacGyver a solution with whatever’s on hand — like this DIY lens case made from plastic bottles and bubble wrap.

Three Tricks To Get The Most Out Of A Cheap Kit Camera Lens

The lens you use with your camera plays a huge part in determining the quality of photos you get, but a lot of casual photographers don’t want to invest in expensive lenses and stick to whatever comes with the camera. Here are a few ways to eke out a little…

When Buying A Used Camera Lens, Check The Mount

When Buying A Used Camera Lens, Check The Mount

Camera lenses are expensive, but you can often pick up a second-hand one cheaply. There’s one area you need to be really careful about: inspect the mount thoroughly and walk away if there’s a problem.