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  • Why Is Salt Bad for You?

    Why Is Salt Bad for You?

    Despite most of us knowing we should cut down on salt, Australians consume on average almost twice the recommended daily maximum per day. Salt has been used in food preservation for centuries, and idioms like “worth your weight in salt” indicate how valuable it was for preserving food to ensure survival. Salt draws moisture out…

  • What Is A Stent?

    Stents are simple and useful devices for people who suffer from heart problems or heart-induced chest pain. Placing a stent is a fairly simple medical procedure — let’s take a look at what’s involved.

  • Omega-3s Aren’t So Great For Your Heart After All

    Omega-3s were supposed to protect us all from heart disease and other health problems, but it’s taken some time for the evidence to catch up with the hype around these supplements. Based on a large and important study published earlier this year in JAMA Cardiology, that evidence is here: fish oil or omega-3 supplements won’t…