• How To Run A Great Business Hackathon

    Hackathons are all the rage. Lots of companies run them as a way of engaging staff, kickstarting innovation and breaking the monotony of every day routines. Seek has now run a number of internal hackathons, scheduling one every six months as a way of kickstarting innovation in system design, business process improvement and finding new…

  • Fancy Hosting Your Own Hackathon?

    Hackathons are about gathering groups of like-minded people together and giving them a limited amount of time to either solve problems or find better ways of doing things with the use of technology. There are a number of hackathons hosted by larger companies that are open to external participants but there’s no reason why your…

  • Yes, Hackathons Really Can Spur Innovation

    The word “hackathon” conjures up images of computer programmers and software congregating at a venue to work on cool and interesting project. But it’s not just fun and games. We take look at how hackathons can shape the future of innovation for this country.