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It's annoying when you run out of Ethernet ports on your router. That, or when you have a home entertainment centre and want wired connections for all your devices, but you don't want to string a bundle of Ethernet cables from your living room to wherever your router happens to be.


I rent a room in a house and one of my overlords is a former networking engineer for one of those companies here in the area. In other words, he knows his stuff. But I've encountered a perplexing issue with my room's networking setup that we haven't pinned down yet. And we'd prefer to find an easy solution before we start having to lay new ethernet cable through the wall or anything crazy like that.


Tasmanian-owned telco Launtel is offering the local business community 100 per cent NBN fibre-to-the-premise (FttP) connectivity that will enable Gigabit speeds at commercially viable rates. Launtel founder and director Damian Ivereigh hopes Gigabit Launceston can attract more companies and employment to Tasmania.