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Last night, the Federal government unveiled their budget for the coming year. The old days of "smokes are up, beer is up" are well behind us with the government's economic centrepiece now a collection of promises and wishes that are meant somehow to make us feel better about today and have confidence in tomorrow. This year, there were plenty of tech angles in the budget. Here are my five highlights.


The single biggest roadblock to creating your own startup usually comes down to funding. Without that initial investment, even the best business idea will remain just that -- an idea. This infographic examines Australia's small businesses landscape with an emphasis on how to overcome those initial financial challenges.


Cisco has an investment arm that offers funding to startups and other companies. They don't take a controlling interest, rarely investing more than 10% of the start-up's value, typically between $US3 million and $US5 million. They have an active portfolio of around $US2 billion. How can you get a piece of that pie?