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At least three replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have reportedly caught fire since Samsung issued a worldwide recall of the faulty product. The most recent incident occurred in Kentucky in the US and the details are pretty alarming. Not only did the device send the device's owner to the hospital due to smoke inhalation, but someone at Samsung sent him a text that was apparently meant for a colleague: "I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter."


A Current Affair recently published a story titled Candle Warning that had all of the customary fear mongering flair that its brand has become synonymous with. The subject -- exploding glass candles and how they’re a danger to your home. Three minutes of concerned mothers, hidden video cameras and a few tips on how to avoid burning your house down and you have yourself some glorious Facebook clickbait.

I worked for a candle company for a number of years and I can confirm that candle explosions are quite a legitimate problem. I can also attest that most of the time these incidents occur due to a lack of education or common sense. Here’s the thing, scented candles are a lovely luxury but they still involve fire; something that is always potential danger when you’re not careful.