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There are three of us, cramped inside a dusty Toyota that's packed to the gills along with a triad of busted bicycles hanging precariously off the back. We are flanked on every side by travellers who, like us, have driven several hours to form what has turned out to be a particularly sluggish caravan into Black Rock City, Nevada for Burning Man 2018.


On the fourth Sunday in April, Japanese parents descend on the shrines of Tokyo with their bundles of joy, which they promptly hand over to a sumo.

The two rikishi, babe in hand and weighing over 150 kilograms each, step into the ring. In a normal bout, they'd collide, trying to push each other out of the ring, but on this afternoon, it's the two infants that are the competitors.

This competition is all about seeing which infant can cry the loudest.


Job interviews are notoriously stressful. While you can't really prep for every single question an interviewer is going to hit you with, there are a few questions you can prepare yourself for that will likely set the tone for the remainder of that hour-long interview. The first question someone is likely to ask you: "Tell Me About Yourself."


Whenever I go to festivals and other events with wristbands I always try and keep my wristband loose so it's easy to take off later. I like keeping them as souvenirs, and cutting them off ruins them, in my opinion. Also, if you happen to buy a three-day pass to a festival and want to let your friend use your pass for a day, you need to be able to get that thing off and on without ripping or cutting it (not that I've ever done that).