How Little Time You Can Safely Get Away With Marinating Ceviche 

When our very own US editor-in-chief sent me a recipe for ceviche, I was excited, because ceviche combines two of my favourite activities: Eating seafood and not cooking. When I read the recipe, however, I was a little appalled, for it suggested that beautiful pieces of fresh sea bass be…

Preheat Your Sheet Pan For Crispy Baked Chicken Cutlets Super Fast

Crispy, breaded chicken cutlets are the foundation for a great chicken parm (and they’re pretty great on their own) but setting up a whole frying station is a bit of a time sink. To get super crispy oven-baked chicken cutlets in record time, you just need to preheat your sheet…

Use Your Toaster To Cook Sweet Potatoes Faster

I absolutely love sweet potatoes (and yams) but I’m not a huge fan of waiting the hour or so it takes to cook them in the (very hot) oven. To cut down on this interminable wait, slice them and pop ’em in your toaster.