• Register Your Kid’s Domain Name When They’re Young

    Register Your Kid’s Domain Name When They’re Young

    It’s impossible to know what your child will grow up to “be” when they’re still little. But chances are pretty good that whatever talents, skills, or interests they pursue in the future, they’ll want a personalised website to support or promote something. They may want an online portfolio of their graphic art or their amateur…

  • Ask LH: How Can I Sell My Domains?

    Hey Lifehacker, So I’ve bought a few domains for ideas I’ve decided to build over the years, but these domains are auto-renewing and collecting dust. What’s the most effective way to onsell them so I can recoup my costs and hopefully make a profit?

  • Google Apps Expands Country Domain Choices

    One big advantage of using Google Apps is that you can take advantage of Gmail and Google Drive while keeping your own company domain for email. Google has expanded the range of domains it offers for new sign-ups to include 22 new country-specific options. Unfortunately, Australia isn’t on the list.