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Hey Lifehacker, So I've bought a few domains for ideas I've decided to build over the years, but these domains are auto-renewing and collecting dust. What's the most effective way to onsell them so I can recoup my costs and hopefully make a profit?


If you got in on Google Apps for free before Google shut the party down, congratulations. If you're starting a new domain now and looking for someone to host your domain's webmail, getting a Google Apps account just got a little more expensive. If email is all you're looking for, you may want to try using Microsoft's new Outlook.com instead.


One big advantage of using Google Apps is that you can take advantage of Gmail and Google Drive while keeping your own company domain for email. Google has expanded the range of domains it offers for new sign-ups to include 22 new country-specific options. Unfortunately, Australia isn't on the list.


Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Australia Post and the Commonwealth Bank are currently competing for a new round of top-level domains — think new versions of .com and .org like .search, .blog and .app. The argument is that this will make the internet easier to use, but we think it's a bit sketchier than those involved would like to admit. Here's why.


Sites on Google's Blogger platform have long used addresses of the form blogname.blogspot.com. Google is now applying the same regional detection it uses on its main site to Blogger, so many of those addresses will now show up in the form blogname.blogspot.com.au for Australian visitors.