Use Google App Engine To Get Google Apps For Your Domain For Free

Even though Google is no longer officially offering free Google Apps for Business accounts, there is still a way to sign up for Google Apps and get it linked to your own domain. Just sign up for Google App Engine and add your domain to that account. You'll get Google Apps along with it for free.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Head over to Google App Engine and sign in with your Google Account
  2. Click "Create Application" with any date and purpose information you choose.
  3. Open the Dashboard, then click Application Settings.
  4. In Application Settings, scroll down and select "Add Domain" to add your personal domain to App Engine.
  5. Google should present you with a link to sign up for Google Apps here, and the option to connect it with your domain.

Check the video above for a walkthrough here, thanks to Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. We've covered some alternatives if you want to give up on Google, but let's be honest: it's difficult to find another web service with the same features and value as Google Apps. Give this workaround a try instead, and you'll get all of the benefits of Google Apps with the convenience of using your own domain for free.

How to Sign-up for Google Apps for Free — Video Tutorial [Digital Inspiration]


    Yes, people have been saying this for days, ever since the closure of free signup, yet LH only posts it now?

    A little behind the ball....

      Dear LH,

      How do you mute whining Guests? Their dull smugness clots up the discussion space. They contribute nothing. Nothing at all - except of course being dicks, they are very good at that.

      - Kendal.

      Last edited 12/12/12 8:34 am

        Apparently you don't understand the meaning of "news". 3 day old information on the internet is like waiting an eternity before posting.

        If it's not news (anymore), it shouldn't be posted as though it is, simple as that.

          but...this is lifehacker. Things aren't posted here because they're current events, but because they give you a new way to complete a task/think about things. I think you may have misinterpreted the purpose behind the site.

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    what are differences between "Google App Downgrade after trial period" and "Google App Standard you show"? By the way, thanks for information.

      I've found some useful information for who like me :)
      "With a Google Apps for Business account that was created before December 6, 2012, you have the option to downgrade to the Google Apps free edition until January 9, 2013."
      Ref - Downgrade to Google Apps -
      Thanks Again!

    just need to iterate that unlike the free google apps you are limited to 1 user

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