Google Apps Expands Country Domain Choices

One big advantage of using Google Apps is that you can take advantage of Gmail and Google Drive while keeping your own company domain for email. Google has expanded the range of domains it offers for new sign-ups to include 22 new country-specific options. Unfortunately, Australia isn't on the list.

If you already own a relevant local domain name, you can use it with Google Apps, but that requires a little configuration. If you're setting up a new business, being able to acquire and configure the domain as part of the Apps signup process can be handy. Google is now supporting the following domains for registration on sign-up, including 13 country-code specific options:

Global Asia-Pacific Latin America Europe
.com .in .co .be
.info .ch
.org .cz
.net .mx .de
.mobi   .es
.name .jp   .me
.cc     .nl
.tv     .pl

We've asked Google locally for comment on why '' isn't included in this list, and will update if we hear anything. It seems likely that the higher prices and stricter rules associated with Australian domains might not have merged easily into Google's system. Australia isn't the only exception; there's nothing for the UK or France either, for instance.

Google Apps domain registration has gone global [Official Google Enterprise Blog]


    I've setup google apps on domains before with no problem.

    Ah, but I already owned the sites, maybe that's the difference....

      Indeed it is. You can use any domain you own with Google Apps, this is if you want to buy the domain through Google.

    Setting up your own domain isn't all that difficult as they do provide clear instructions as to what you need to enter.

      The even provide step-by-step instructions of the most popular DNS hosting providers - and easy to follow generic instructions for all the rest.

      Setting up Google apps is very straightforward.

    I think it has to do with registrants of domains having to satisfy the requirement of having an ABN.

      Ah, here we go.
      Must stricter, hence why I thinkGoogle can't register them willy-nilly unless they have a reliable way of verifying whether a person is authorised to register on behalf of their company.

    So if this is not available in Australia why is this post here on the Lifehacker "Australia" site?

    I bought a .co domain a couple of weeks back in aus through Google n had no issues. Just gone to get another one and been told I can't use Google in Australia to buy domains, what goes on with that?

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