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You'd think that by now we'd all stop falling for supplements which promise to "blast belly fat" or "drop pounds while still eating cupcakes," but you'd be wrong. Powerful marketing continues to dupe vulnerable people into wasting their money. Here are the common selling points (ahem, lies) that you'll find on the label.


Finding clear, definitive facts about healthy exercise can be difficult. The exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar business, built partially on selling gadgets and supplements to people desperate to lose weight or look attractive. Meanwhile, good workout plans and simple truths lurk in the background waiting for their time to shine. All of this results in lots of misinformation about exercise. We're taking some of those commonly-held exercise myths to task, and we have science to back us up. Let's get started.


When your daily commute is 20 steps between your bedroom and home office, the biggest threats to your weight and health are lack of movement and the temptations of a fully-stocked kitchen and fridge. Here are tips to nip those Pac-Man-like habits in the bud when you don't even need to leave the house.


I've tried a lot of diets in my life. Diets you might describe as "crash diets". Diets you might describe as "unhealthy". I've tried juice diets, ketogenic diets. I did the Soylent thing. I've gone dairy free, sugar free, carb free.

I've tried about every bullshit thing you can imagine and I've learned a few things along the way. And I have a rough idea why the diet you're about to try will probably fail miserably.


In many parts of the world, it's not uncommon to eat other bits of an animal, such as ears, stomach, feet, liver, tail, or intestines. Of course, it helps that they're cheaper and easier to get in other countries, but if you're willing to try something new, don't miss out on these delicious, varied sources of vitamins and protein.


I can't run more than 50 metres without stopping. I need help lifting a box of groceries. I can barely touch my toes. I keep eating more cake, and just buying bigger pants.

My body fat percentage is higher than my age. I am 34 years old, and I am not looking after my health. But that's about to change. By this time next year, I am going to be a real life Wonder Woman.

Couch Potato, to Wonder Woman.


The holiday season is hardly the harbinger of impending health and fitness. Especially considering that, for many, December's poster boy is a morbidly obese old man that gorges himself on cookies and cake. But despite the abundance of treats and temptations, this doesn't mean your diet will fall to ruins. Below, we'll discuss a framework you can use in order to stick to your plan.


Here’s a neat little experiment.

Next time you’re on social media, try out a variant of this tweet/status:

“Just ate a whole large pizza to myself lmao #goodtimes.”

Now sit back in your chair as the likes and the smileys and the emoticons roll in.