You Should Try Barbecuing Your Avocados

You Should Try Barbecuing Your Avocados

BBQ season is in full force (despite some less than ideal weather) and Aussies are on the hunt for sweet recipes that’ll help them pump out the perfect dish for summer entertaining. But with plant-based diets growing in popularity, folks are looking for more options than your standard beef patty this year. Here, former MasterChef contestant Hayden Quinn offers a guide to BBQ avocados, instead.

According to studies from Australian Avocados, 56 per cent of Aussies (stat taken from a sample of 1,000 survey participants) are looking to switch up their BBQ game this year, with new and diverse recipes.

If you’d like to get experimenting with avocados, here’s your guide.

“Grilling an avocado can seem a little daunting, especially if it’s your first time,” Quinn shared in a statement on the cooking tip.

“But grilling them adds a deliciously smoky flavour to the avocado and makes it really creamy. For perfect results every time, just remember: grill, salt, spoon!”

How to BBQ an avocado

avocado recipe
BBQ avocado recipe. Image supplied: Avocados Australia


  1. Turn on your BBQ to high and allow to preheat with hood down (if you have a hood on your BBQ) for 15 min. You want the BBQ scorching hot to grill your avocado.
  2. While the BBQ is preheating, prepare your avocados by cutting in half lengthways and removing the seed. *Top tip for removing seed* once the avocado seed is on your knife, use a mug or cup to pop the seed off the knife safely without needing to touch the seed or the blade.
  3. There is no need to oil your avocado, the natural oils in the avocado will do this for you. If you wish, you can lightly season with sea salt to taste before placing on the BBQ.
  4. Keeping the skin on, place your avocado halves onto the grill flesh side down and cook for 2-3mins until you get a nice char (this is why you need a smoking hot BBQ). If your BBQ has a hood, put the hood down during this cooking process.
  5. Watch for a “green ring” around the contact side of the avocado, this will indicate that the avo is ready to be removed from the heat.
  6. Allow to cool slightly, eat as a part of your favourite BBQ recipe and enjoy.

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