Latency Is Still A Major Cloud Problem

Latency Is Still A Major Cloud Problem

Latency is often cited as a reason why offshore data centres aren’t a great choice. Figures cited at Data Center World suggest the issue isn’t going to be resolved in a hurry.

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During his opening keynote, Litbit CEO Scott Noteboom quoted the following figures for typical response times when connecting to US data centres.

Continent Response time to US
Asia 113ms
Australia 107ms
Europe 180ms
North America 58ms
South America 169ms

While major cloud providers such as AWS and Azure typically offer cloud hosting in multiple countries, many customers choose the US option either because it’s cheaper or to provide better service to US customers. However, even the US performance isn’t ideal for some applications. “50ms or under is what people are driving towards,” Noteboom said.

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  • This is true and the reason why most people should choose a local option. Latency is a killer, in particular for any ‘interactive’ application, like cloud desktops, or even just for navigating around a spreadsheet. That’s why we ( only use Australian data centres for Australian customers. Sure, US data centre space might be cheaper but the experience is horrible.

  • Figures cited at Data Center World suggest the issue isn’t going to be resolved in a hurry.

    Ye cannae change the laws of physics laddy! C is C.

  • And will always be one, especially if we are still incapable of immediately finding a way out. Why is it still cheaper and easier to provide cloud services within the US when many providers, including Azure and AWS, are offering cloud hosting in several other companies also? Trying to resolve the issue of latency in hurry will neither give results, nor should we make any such attempts!

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